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Triangle Pub & Restaurant Kelli's Canyon Steak & Wing Sabai Thai Bistro
 1 North Steakhouse  Brookhaven Ground Round Gourmet Garden
The Point Bar and Grill Digger's Pub  Thai Gourmet Restaurant
O'Brien's Ale House Grill Tony's Asian Fusion  Chan Fu Chinese Restaurant
Tony's Sushi Tony's Fusion West  J&C 68 Restaurant
Centara Thai Cuisine Lobster Roll John Scott's Surf Shack


Three Diamonds Restaurant El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant SALSA SALSA
Mesquite TexMex Grill Funcho's Fajita Grill The Coast Grill
Ladakins on Mill Pond Edgewater Restaurant Oaklands Restaurant & Marina
LaPlage Restaurant  Claudio's Sundays on the Bay Restaurant
Jerry and the Mermaid Saltwater Grill The Water's Edge Restaurant
Senix Creek Inn 5 Brothers Deli Cathy's Kitchen
Cow Palace Butcher Shop Scotto's Italian Pork Store Giacalone's Pork Pasta & Deli
Peppercorns Caterers Mastic Seafood Market Ralph's Italian Ices
 Bella Dolce    
Black Tie Caterers Caruso's Restaurant Boccacini Pastaria
 LaPlage Restaurant LaVolpe Ristorante Alfredo's Pizzeria
Prima Stella Restaurant Eagle's Landing Country Club Ladakins on Mill Pond
Bella Roma Lenny's Pizza of Jamesport Papa Francesco's Pizza
 Dark Horse Catering   Pizza Corner Restaurant
Mama Lisa  Greek Bites Grill and Cafe Bianca Luna
 Pine Hollow Inn  Peppercorns Catering Cucina Ristorante
Villa Michelangelo Manhattan Pizza & Restaurant Michael's Pizzeria
Firehouse Pizzeria  Michelangelo Pizzeria Villa Paul Restaurant 
 Assaggio Ristorante Pizzeria  Sal Anthony's Ristorante LaBistro Pizzeria
Miller Place Pastaria Bella Maria Restaurant and Pizzeria  
Gio's Pizzeria Michelangelos of Center Moriches  
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